Pip Brewster - Bakers Dozen was a second year project in which I had to come up with a brand identity for a group of second year art students for an exhibition, I also had to create a poster to help promote their exhibition in Bristol. The origin of their name Bakers Dozen came about because there were 13 people in the group exhibiting their work. Despite their name the group were adamant that they didnt want their identity to relate to cooking/baking. I wanted to create an identity which showed the group as one, although there were some very contrasting characters, they were all team players and got on very well. So I created an identity which highlighted their bond and showed how strong their group was. I like to think of the shape as an uncut diamond, stong, valuable and unique, and within this diamond figure are 13 different shapes relating to the 13 people in the group. - Pip Brewster - - Pip Brewster - - Pip Brewster - -
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